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Eligibility is based on a Veteran meeting military service as listed.

Military service requirement for burial in a Kansas State Veterans' Cemetery must be in accordance with the eligibility standards as set by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – National Cemetery Administration and, as a minimum, must meet one of the following:

  • Veteran was discharged from “active duty” under other than dishonorable conditions, or

  • Veteran died while on “active duty”, or

  • National Guard or Reservists members with 20 years of qualifying service, who are entitled to retired pay or would be entitled, if at least 60 years of age.

Kansas state residency requirement:  None

Eligibility for Veteran Dependents:

Spouse, surviving spouse, and dependent children are eligible for interment even if the Veteran is not buried in a Kansas State Veterans' Cemetery. The Veteran must have met military service requirements.  This includes lost or buried at sea, missing or missing in action, or a Veteran whose remains have been donated to science or cremated and the ashes scattered.

Eligibility Includes:

  • The spouse or surviving spouse of an eligible Veteran is eligible for interment in a State Veterans' Cemetery even if the Veteran is not buried in a State Veterans' Cemetery;

  • The surviving spouse of an eligible Veteran who had a subsequent remarriage to a non-Veteran and whose death occurred on or after January 1, 2000, is eligible for burial in a State Veterans' Cemetery;

  • Any natural or adoptive child of an eligible Veteran who is under the age of 21 and unmarried and;

  • Under 23 years of age and pursuing a full-time course of instruction at an approved education institution;

  • An unmarried adult child of an eligible Veteran if the child became permanently physically or mentally disabled and incapable of self-support before reaching 21 years of age, or before reaching 23 years age if pursuing a full-time course of instruction at an approved educational institution.


Pre-registration for interment at one of our four State Veterans’ Cemeteries is highly recommended. Pre-registration allows a Veteran, spouse, and/or dependent child to establish eligibility for interment at one of the four State Veterans' Cemeteries.  There is no cost for pre-registration and it does not obligate the Veteran/dependent to be interred at the cemetery selected.

While it does not guarantee a grave-site, it can help avoid confusion and possible delays at the time of need. Pre-registration may be done by mail, or by visiting one of our State Veterans’ Cemeteries or any State Veterans' Service Representative Offices. You will need to fill out the KVCP Form 200 (link below) and supply the necessary documentation. 

Link to form: KCVAO Pre Certification Packet

Interment Fees (click for link)                                   floral regulations (click for link)

Contact Information:

Contact the Kansas Veterans’ Cemetery of your choice for information about the cemetery, eligibility, interments options, and scheduling.

Heidi Goff, Cemetery Director
P.O. Box 185
403 South 13th Street
Wakeeney, KS  67672
Office Phone: (785) 743-5685
Cell Phone: (785) 639-1972
Fax: (785) 743-5648

Note - Call the KCVAO Central Office at (785) 296-3976 if Cemetery Representatives are not available.